Casa di Paglia

We’ve built La Casa di paglia – StrawBaleHouse – B&B with our hands, in a special place that’s far from the mass-tourism routes but close to a small mountain village surrounded by woodland. We’ve used straw bales, a peculiar material, and local stones and woods to keep the environmental impact minimal. We’ve succeeded; we’ve built a house that’s respectful of its surroundings, refined and comfortable and has a high energy performance.

Interiors have been hand-crafted using as much reclaimed and local materials as possible and combining them with antique and traditional building techniques such as earthenware to waterproof bathrooms and clay for plastering.

This makes La Casa di Paglia a charming, special and unique place.

Here you’ll discover an authentic territory, where a small community, each individual or family with their own talent and interests, a new way to live in harmony with the mountain setting and interact directly with visitors and guests who are curious about our mountain life.

In the fields adjacent to our B&B you’ll have a chance to pick raspberries with us, or collect hemp and officinal herbs. You’ll be able to sample our Achillea Liquor and all the other products of our own (agricultural) farm – Piccolo Laboratorio Alpino.
You can watch bread baking at the Agriforno Les Goilles, you can taste mountain honey and artisanal jams made at the laboratory Ambiente Grumei and, finally, drink natural wines from Ritmo della Terra and La Vrille.

Being away from the routes of mass-tourism means you’ll venture on less-beaten paths, find little-known itineraries among the woodland, mountain villages, lakes and minor peaks, places that aren’t less beautiful but indeed more authentic.
La Casa di Paglia is the place for travellers who want to appreciate the true meaning of mountain and authentic mountain life, want to relax fully immersed in the sounds of nature and sample its truest and more genuine flavours.

La Casa di Paglia is our home. You’ll come to share our simple lifestyle, one that allows us to reclaim our own time and rhythms, and reclaim our harmonious place within the nature that surrounds us. We live and work here, we’ve got a good wifi connection and aside from that you’ll benefit from the expanse of fields, many good books, a glass of good wine drank while conversing under the stars in front of a fire!

Francesca, Daniele and little Elia will welcome you and prepare delicious breakfasts and amazing aperitives, Francesca’s cakes are notoriously scrumptious!
Our sweet dog Lala will join you and lead you in your nearby walks and you’ll meet our hens of various breeds gifting us with their eggs in a wonderful variety of hues!